Hearing at Home provides exceptional hearing health care in the comfort of your own home. Our mobile business will come to you! You can enjoy great hearing health without making a trip across town or putting more things on your to-do list. We offer a number of services to meet all your hearing needs.

Hearing Evaluation

We offer hearing evaluations using portable equipment that we can quickly set up in your living room. Our comprehensive hearing evaluation will test your ability to hear in the quiet of your home. We also have equipment that will test your hearing abilities in background noise. This allows us to clearly access your auditory function.

During the hearing evaluation, we’ll also do a visual inspection of your ear canals to make sure you don’t have a build-up of earwax. A hearing test shows exactly what you’re hearing and it helps us recommend the perfect hearing aids for you.


Hearing Aid Fittings

Before the hearing test, we’ll ask you some questions about your lifestyle and hearing needs so we can recommend the right hearing aids. During the fittings, we’ll make sure your hearing aids fit comfortably. We’ll also program and calibrate the hearing devices to match your unique hearing abilities and needs.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids are sophisticated electronics and just like your phone or laptop, they might need occasional repairs. If you notice any damage to your devices, call Hearing at Home. We’ll come to your home to repair your devices.

A repair starts with a thorough cleaning to make sure there is no build-up of dirt, dust, or earwax on the devices. Then we’ll check the physical components of the hearing aid as well as the sound quality of the hearing aids. Some repairs will just take a few minutes, while other damage may need to be repaired by the manufacturer.


Tinnitus, that ringing or buzzing sound in your ears, can have a big impact on your life. Tinnitus makes you feel stressed, makes it hard to focus, or even makes it difficult to fall asleep at night. Hearing at Home offers hearing aids with tinnitus therapy programs designed to bring you relief from tinnitus.

Assistive Listening Devices

If you need some extra help hearing the TV or talking on the phone, we can provide an assistive listening device (ALD). These devices help you hear the sounds you’re straining to hear. Some of our assistive listening devices include:

  • ALDs that can help you hear on the phone by providing subtitles on the phone
  • ALDs that help you hear the TV by connecting your hearing aids to the TV audio
  • ALDs that help you hear conversations, using a small mic clipped to the shirt of the speaker

These are just some of the assistive listening devices that can help you hear in difficult listening situations. Contact us to learn more about our offerings.


Custom Hearing Protection

For anyone who needs hearing protection during noisy work or leisure activities, we offer custom hearing protection. Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common kinds of hearing loss, affecting people of all ages.

Custom hearing protection will protect your ears from dangerously loud sound and prevent hearing loss. These devices are molded to fit your ear, providing a great seal to further reduce sounds. Custom hearing protection for musicians, hunters, workers, or sports fans will reduce dangerous sounds to safe levels and provide the best in hearing protection.

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